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Feast Your Eyes on Home Theatre

A 65-inch 4K smart TV



  • It’s time to bag yourself an outstanding 4K smart TV. Four times as many pixels means four times as much detail in your pictures – something that has a particularly spectacular impact when you get to screen sizes of 65 inches. Feast your eyes on T651Pro, enjoy most pleasant surprises.



  • High image quality is our constant pursuit. T651Pro has 65-inch ultra large screen with liquid crystal display of 3840*2160 high definition, which is four times as many pixels as FHD TV.

    More natural and clearer pictures, faster response, higher quality, wide color gamut are really presented. Every detail, every feature, as if you are personally on the scene. Endless fun let your home turn into direct broadcast room in a second!

  • 2.4GHz rapid Wi-Fi, make fast faster

    T651Pro supports 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) wireless Internet for a faster operation. Live videos, games, news, all you want are at your sight.

  • Netflix installing available, massive resources

    Users can install Netflix to get access tofavorite movies, footballmatches, teleplays, vocal concerts, etc. Abundant online resources in Netflix are availableand multiple video formats supported, searching what you want.


  • Top Audio System